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Facts on DHL

History of DHL

DHL is the largest and leading company worldwide, with a workforce of more than 315,000 employees and upgraded global headquarters within the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Germany connecting all customers from over 220 countries and territories.

The company provides international express deliveries including express mail deliveries and freight forwarding by land, sea or air. The company also provides extensive logistic solutions including customized logistic services.

General Facts on DHL

  • DHL operated the first international door-to-door express delivery service in the world.
  • In 1969, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn established DHL. They combined their surnames’ first letters, hence the name, DHL.
  • In 1978, DHL opened in the Caribbean and became the first international air express company to offer a service in Latin America, starting with Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela.
  • In 1991, DHL was the first express delivery service to deal with a Baltic state - Latvia (formerly part of the Soviet Republic).
  • In 1997, DHL Dubai became the first company in the Middle East to earn an ISO 14001 certificate for environmental practices and strategy.
  • In 2000, DHL launched the world's first global SMS tracking service that allowed customers to track DHL shipments via text messages.

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